Outdoor Cultivation Harvester

Location: Carbondale 
Category: Grow/Manufacturing, Trimmer/Manufacturing
Salary: $17.00
Zip Code: 81623
Employment Type: Full time, Part time, Seasonal
Posted: 08.09.2017

Job Description:

Pleasant Valley Ranch, Inc. (“PVR”) is an outdoor/indoor retail cultivation facility in the Roaring Fork Valley (the area is called Missouri Heights, the closest town is Carbondale). The views of Mount Sopris at the ranch are some of the most stunning in the state PVR has a Tier 1 cultivation license with four green houses and five acres licensed outside on its property. PVR is in the process of securing a MED Operator License so that it can operate its neighbor’s facility, which has 3600 plants outside and in the ground. PVR is looking for 15-20 laborers for this first season harvest (date not nailed down yet but likely early to mid-October and would be potentially looking to retain around roughly five individuals for full year round employment if the fit is right. Terms for year round employment would be discussed at the pertinent time, but PVR is very generous with its benefits and currently pays all of its full time employee’s health insurance costs (that is an example and is not a guarantee). During harvest in 2017 the first 8 -10 contractors sign an engagement letter with PVR would get use of the guesthouse (on site) and would therefore not have to pay rent during that time. PVR has space for trailer campers as well. 

This facility is 45 minutes from Aspen and 20 minutes from Glenwood Springs. It is a wonderful place to vist and an even better place to put down roots (no pun intended). 

Job Requirements:

Contractor must have a current Key Badge issued by the MED and must have had no disciplinary actions on their record. Contractor should provide three references and expect those references to be called by PVR’s COO or its General Counsel. Contractor should have experience harvesting outdoor cannabis and have the stamina to work from sunrise to sunset as PVR can only operate during that time, however, inexperience may be overcome with enthusiasm. This is a strenuous, labor-intensive job, but it pays well and will be a regular seasonal opportunity (next summer there will be over 10,000 plants to put in the field and harvest again in the fall), and for the five people who make the cut into a full time position, it is an opportunity to work with a company that is truly unique in the cannabis world.